HopeFront Kids

From the moment you check your child in with our secure database to the moment that you are greeted in the classroom, our aim is to share God’s Word with them in a way they can understand. Our prayer is that your child will develop quality character and an understanding of God’s Word that will be a foundation for their life!
Each week, kids will explore God on their level through worship, stories, and prayer. The ultimate goal of HopeFront Kids is to provide real hope for real kids in a real world. Our team members want to model and teach the core values of our church to the kids so they can live them out at home, in their schools, and in their community.

Birth - 23 Months


Our nurseries are staffed with trained, caring team members. As babies develop, they will transition to a classroom designed for their specific needs. These environments are safe and secure. We ask that you please provide a diaper bag and label any additional items for your child. Feel free to bring a comfort item like a favorite toy or blanket as well.

2 Years - 5 Years


The HopeFront Kids preschool classes expand your child’s understanding of God’s love and how to share it with others. Our trained team members will share interactive Bible stories and creative music with your child in an age-appropriate classroom. Our preschool curriculum is designed for active preschoolers. Each lesson includes a take home craft and parent “Small Talk” featuring practical things you can do at home with your child to reinforce the lesson.

kindergarten - 3rd grade


The HopeFront Kids elementary ministry provides a safe, fun, and caring environment. Our services are built around three basic truths every child should embrace based on the verse Luke 2:52: I need to make wise choices, I can trust God no matter what, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated. Each week, our curriculum helps the kids learn a key concept as it relates to a core value and memory verse, utilizing worship, drama, and small group activities geared just for them. The lesson is reinforced with activities you and your child do together at home.

4th - 5th Grade


Surge is designed to deepen a students’ relationship with Christ through live worship, live teaching and small group time. They begin in Large Group and then break out into Small Groups. In Surge, students begin to prepare for our student ministry, HopeFront YTH. They learn the values of studying scripture, taking notes, and practically applying what they learn through the week.

kindergarten - 5th Grade

Double Stuff

For kids on campus for more than one service, we offer Double Stuff. This gives you the opportunity to serve on our incredible Dream Team! We use activities to further drive home the lesson they've just learned. They also enjoy games and a special snack.